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Birthdate:Nov 29, 1986

Nobody but me. Not for anybody else. Nobody else's way. Nobody else's dream. ~Kyo

Idealist. Dreamer. Music lover. Books, movies, art, games. International human rights. Girly men. Slash. Sweets and singing just for the fun of it. Japanese rock. Cocktails, slinky dresses, make up, jewelery, corsets. Korean drama. Proud owner of a dog and five cats.

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This journal is semi-locked. Fiction and graphics are public, but if you feel like venturing behind the scenes, feel free to friend.


The one and only rule is to be civil. This account is yaoi friendly. Deal with it. No flaming, trolling, spamming, essentially, no drama. I respect your opinion, you respect mine. When reading my fiction please pay attention to ratings and warnings, they are there for a reason. Concerning graphics, all I ask is that you leave a comment if taking anything and don't claim as yours.


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1984, adema, advent children, afi, ai no kusabi, alice nine, ancient orient, andy lau, anime, anita blake, anne rice, art, atsushi sakurai, beautiful bishies, bishies, bl, bleach, books, botticelli, buck-tick, candles, cats, chocolate, christian bale, cillian murphy, city lights, crepes, criminal minds, crisis core, dancing, daybreaks, der zibet, descendants of darkness, despairsray, dir en grey, disturbed, dumas, dune, edward norton, elves, equilibrium, evans blue, fanfiction, ff7, fight club, fluffy animals, foreign cultures, friends, gackt, gakuen heaven, ghost hunt, ghosts, girugamesh, gravitation, hellsing, hiking, history, horseback riding, house m.d., human rights, hurt, huxley, ice cream, ice skating, infernal affairs, international relations, interview with a vampire, issay, jewels, johnny depp, jon bon jovi, jrock, kamelot, kang dong won, kdrama, kim jae wook, lord of the rings, lordi, loveless, make up, metal, miyavi, movies, mp3s, mucc, music, musicals, mysteries, nightwish, nin, oomph, open-minded people, orwell, papa roach, parties, paul bettany, photoshop, placebo, poets of the fall, psychology, puscifer, rammstein, reading, red, remarque, renaissance, rock, sephiroth/genesis, shinedown, skillet, slash, sociology, sonata arctica, tea, the ancient orient, the gazette, the prestige, the reckoning, the trax, tolkien, travelling, trinity blood, unusual pairings, v for vendetta, vampire chronicles, vampires, verne, vidocq, viewfinder, villon, vincent cassel, visual kei, wraeththu, writing, ww2, yami no matsuei, yaoi
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